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Xprint Xp-c230 Driver Download




hello, I am using ubuntu 15.04, I've installed the newest version of ubuntu, however my wireless doesnt work, it still uses the broadcom drivers, I already tried to install ndiswrapper-dkms and I don't think it worked correctly, my dmesg is the following: !bcm Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at i can't download it, please help me i'm doing it from terminal i need to install to not use.exe to install hi all.. i'm having a strange problem with the default pkg maintainer script.. i've tried to install the following packages from dvd they are installing fine the problem is that when i run apt-get -f install i get an error FF4, you didn't installed it, you're out of the tree cant see why it would error on that pkg maintainer script please any ideas? FF4, ndiswrapper not found is what i see in the link andreb, is this correct? no it is not.. this is the exact issue: please review i get this error: cant see why it is unable to process the package maintainer scripts i think it should work ok because from dvd i



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Xprint Xp-c230 Driver Download

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