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Wastewater Infrastructure

Advancing Wastewater Infrastructure

DTK Hydronet Solutions offers consulting services to municipal corporations, project management and consultancy firms and contractors to plan, design, build, operate and maintain a sustainable, safe and reliable sanitary sewer systems powered by GIS and Hydraulic Models.

Detailed Engineering Designs and Master Planning of Underground Sewerage Schemes

  • We provide Advanced and Innovative solutions for GIS based designs of sewer network asset infrastructure.

  • Solutions ranging from, but not limited to, development of Detailed Project Reports, Detailed Feasibility Reports, Designs and Modeling of Treatment Plants, Network Modeling and Analysis, Estimating and Costing, etc.

  • We help Utilities, Contractors, Operators, and Project Managing Consulting Firms to tackle their unique project specific challenges with a cutting edge technological innovations powered by Computer Applications in Hydraulic Engineering.

Maintenance and Performance Improvement Solutions for Existing Sewerage Schemes

  • Helping Utilities, Contractors, Operators, and Consulting Firms to 'rejuvenate' and 'enrich' existing sanitary sewerage schemes with the virtue of Technological Research & Development of Solutions for project specific engineering challenges.

  • Empowering Utilities to Increase Efficiency and Resilience of existing infrastructure by proposing precisely engineered solutions.

  • Studying the existing infrastructure and carry out Calibration Studies, Performance Benchmarking, and provide recommendations on optimum Sewer District Areas, Zoning, Pipes Rehabilitation and Replacement Planning, Network Augmentation and Expansion Strategies.

Operations Improvement Programs and Addition of Hydraulic Intelligence to SCADA for Sewer Networks

  • We have expertise and acumen to integrate the Mathematical Hydraulic Network Models into the utility SCADA and HMIs to empower the operators take intelligent, data driven decisions based on incoming near real time data coupled with calibrated hydraulic models.

Geographic Information Systems and Digitization Services for Sewerage Schemes

  • DTK is a staunch supporter of GIS and GIS enabled Engineering rather than CAD based Engineering design and planning.

  • We have a fully mature and developed team of GIS professionals with brilliance and intelligence on Python and other languages which ensures optimum time consumption in the related processes and workflows.

  • We provide comprehensive GIS based solutions for Asset Recording, Asset Maintenance, Customer Meter Billing and GIS based Revenue Management Services.

  • We also provide digitization services of existing maps and asset inventory & records for utilities willing to migrate to GIS.

Topographical Surveying

Image by Max Böttinger
  • We provide topographical surveying services using latest technological advancements and the likes of Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) aka Drone Surveying, Total Station, etc. to fully capture the area with great precision

  • We Geo-reference the survey findings and map those to appropriate Co-ordinate Reference System (CRS) based on Area of Survey and develop Geo-Databases to further create digital maps which can not only be printed but can also be accessed through web or even using mobile devices from anywhere across the globe.

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