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DTK at Conference on Irrigation in India at Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 20 December 2019

Indian Infrastructure Publishing organized a 2-Days Conference on Irrigation in India at The Taj Deccan, Hyderabad, India on 19th and 20th December 2019.

The conference focused on the following key areas:

  • Emerging Trends, Developments and Outlook

  • Government Perspective: Achievements, Key Programs and Plans

  • Investment Plans and Financing Strategies: Experience and Future Requirements

  • State Initiatives and Programs: Emerging Requirements and Opportunities

  • Focus on Micro Irrigation: The Experiences so far and Advancements

  • Irrigation Techniques and Technology (Lift Irrigation, Drip, Sprinkler, Centre Pivot, Etc.)

  • Survey and Investigation Techniques: Emerging Requirements and Solutions

  • Focus on River Interlinking: Progresses so far and Upcoming Opportunities

  • Projects Showcase: Best Practices and Key Learnings

  • Use of Recycled Wastewater for IrrigationL Current Status and Future Potential

The conference was attended by State irrigation departments, Pipe manufacturers, Equipment manufacturers, Water resources department, Meter manufacturers, Multi lateral funding agencies, Project developers, Storage system providers, O&M contractors, EPC contractors, Technology providers, Water network management companies, Financiers and consulting firms, Renewable/captive energy developers, Policy makers and regulators, Pump manufacturers, Instrumentation & monitoring solution providers

DTK co-founder, Tanay Kulkarni, was invited as a speaker at the conference. He spoke on DTK's Digital Engineering Workflows to Design Piped Irrigation Network.

Tanay Kulkarni speaking at the Conference
Tanay Kulkarni speaking at the Conference

Tanay presented DTK's Engineering Services in the field of Piped Irrigation Network (PIN) Schemes and Lift Irrigation Schemes. He also presented one of the PIN projects DTK recently worked on.

DTK Digital Engineering Processes for PDN Projects
DTK Digital Engineering Processes for PDN Projects

Not to mention, the event was very well received by the industry and witnessed enthusiastic presence and participation of veterans.

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