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DTK Hydronet Solutions is now Bentley Institute Product Training Partner for India

DTK Hydronet Solutions, an internationally acclaimed engineering consultancy, and software development company focused on advancing Water, Wastewater, Irrigation and Stormwater infrastructure across the globe, signed in to a partnership with Bentley Systems Inc. to become Bentley Product Training Partner for India Region.

DTK Hydronet Solutions, now a Bentley Institute Product Training Partner, is highly qualified to deliver learning opportunities on Bentley’s solutions, for industry and academic users in Indian territory. DTK Hydronet Solutions provide continuous learning opportunities for professionals, supporting career growth and adaptability to the changing needs of their organization and industry. DTK also help prepare students with the technology skills needed by industry, so they are better equipped for careers as the world’s future infrastructure professionals.

DTK Hydronet Solutions is set to offer trainings on Bentley's OpenFlows Products Range consisting of:

  • OpenFlows WaterCAD/GEMS CONNECT Edition

  • OpenFlows SewerCAD/GEMS CONNECT Edition

  • OpenFlows StormCAD CONNECT Edition

  • OpenFlows CivilStorm CONNECT Edition

  • OpenFlows FLOOD CONNECT Edition

"Adequately skilled manpower is the biggest asset for any company, and most organizations face a challenge in this area. With the combined resources offered by Bentley Institute and our Product Training Partners, users can optimize their skills with hands-on training and guidance- and become better prepared to tackle the challenges of the infrastructure industries."

Vinayak Trivedi, VP, Bentley Institute, Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Under Bentley Institute Product Training Partnership, DTK shall offer six courses (hyperlinked to individual course offering pages), initially.

  1. Water Distribution Design and Modeling, Fundamentals

  2. Transient Analysis and Design, Fundamentals

  3. Sanitary Sewer Design and Modeling, Fundamentals

  4. Storm Sewer Design and Modeling, Fundamentals

  5. Storm Sewer Design and Modeling, Advanced

  6. Urban Flood Modeling and Management, Fundamentals

Upon completion of the above course, all the participants shall earn a Bentley Institute Certificate and CEUs (Continued Educational Units), authorized by DTK Hydronet Solutions.

The course calendar is regularly updated and all the interested candidates can write to Team DTK on or Contact HERE.

DTK Hydronet Solutions is now Bentley Institute Product Training Partner

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